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#03 - Check List

SAILING TIP #03   -  Check List


Some points to consider and perhaps work on for the joy and improvement of your r/c yacht racing.


1.         Technical skills  -  rules, tactical knowledge and implementation.

2.         Practical skills  -  boat handling at starts, buoy rounding, heavy air.

3.         Check wind direction and both ends of start line and top and bottom marks.

4.         “Picture” in your mind the start you want to get and where you will go up the first leg, work on visualising your moves.

5.         Retain intensity, be it for an afternoon or 1, 2 or 3 day event.

6.         Recognise frustration and control it, especially when challenged verbally by another competitor.

7.         Strive for precision in where to place the boat, especially at the start, buoy roundings, or ducking the transom of other boats. 

            Practice manoeuvres so they become second nature to you.

8.         When competing in regattas avoid taking chances, especially in the early stages of a championship at which point the regatta

            is not won but can be lost. Be patient, grab the opportunities as they present themselves.

9.         Do whatever it takes to stay sharp and attentive - silly mistakes give places away 

10.       Treat each race as the first one of the day, have a start line check list, stay fresh.

11.       The race course is full of options.  Think ahead for boat to boat engagement,  i.e. do I want to tack or duck the transom of a

            starboard tacker,  has the wind shifted and now favours one side of the course more, both up and downwind.

12.       Boats rafting up at marks are a magnet for some who seem to be attracted to this situation.  To avoid the mistakes of skippers

            before you, think and plan  ahead, go around the bunch and pick up places as you go.

13.       After each race, reflect  -  did I get a good start, how were my buoy roundings,  was there a change of wind direction and things

            not to do again.  If I did well,  was it boat speed, tactics or getting lucky.  Analyse and prepare mentally for the next race.

14.       Most of all, have fun, enjoy where you are and what you are doing.



Good Racing.