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SAILING TIP #02   -  Sailing Log / Debrief


Looking for that extra bit of something to lift you up the fleet.  Have you considered recording your race day activities with a view of duplicating fast sailing settings and generally be more aware of where you were strong  and where you were weak on the day.  Yes, it does take time and effort but try it for a couple of months and see if you have lifted your game.


Attached is a guide “Sailing Log / Debrief” sheet you may like to use to get started  -  click here.  You will probably work out your own sheet to suit your requirements.  Try to complete the sheet on the same day as you raced - not always easy when you’re tired but if not the same day do it as soon after or otherwise it will be your next sailing day before you know it.


Its important not to rely on your memory as there can be an element of doubt of where your sail trim was if you have not sailed for a while, especially important if you’re a multi boat sailor.


You may also like to consider another page where you draw the layout of the course and the surrounding lay of the land.  Often due to the fact that r/c yacht racing is on landlocked locations, significant wind channels and wind bending can appear on the course.  When you work out where the best place to be on the course is due to the more wind pressure or lifted tack for that particular wind direction, record it.  This is really important when you go to a venue that is not your regular sailing scene.  With your notes you’ll be better prepared when you go back next time.


Before each race day refresh yourself by reading previous logs/debrief.  You’ll be ahead by being fast out of the blocks rather than taking a race or two to get up to speed, especially important if you have to change rigs quickly that you know your fast settings.


Your log/debrief will probably be a work in progress as you continue to fine tune it to suit you’re ever changing needs.


I would appreciate your feedback.


Good racing.