Corrosion X 25 ml in Squeese bottle with sealing cap.

Corrosion X
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Product Description

Introduction to CorrosionX,

Corrosion X was originally made for the US Navy and Air Force, it is enviromentally safe penetrant, lubricant and corrosion inhibitor.

Corrosion X is a long lasting active corrosion fighter, non-flamable,non-toxic coatings for all metal and electric components.

Corrosion X utilizes a technology called polar bonding that does far more than merely slow down the corrosion process, it is a true corrosion inhibitor, an active corrosion fighter.

Corrosion X also has a dielectric characteristic, therefore is safe on electronics and completely shuts down electrolysis between dissimilar metals.

Polar Bonding and how does it works;

A corrosion cell is like a tiny battery.It has an anode,cathode, electrolyte and a path of current.  Eliminate any of these "Corrosion Components" and the process stops!

It first displaces the eletrolyte, then leaves an ultra-thin, dielectric, barrier that blocks the path of current.

Corrosion X will not interfere with circuitry and will improve the performance of switches and circuit breakers bothered by moisture.  So for the Radio Sailors it will be a great long term benefit.

Use to brush over the receiver boards,servo plugs ( it should prevent black wire occurring under the plastic covering) winch battery plugs, winch motor bearings, etc.

I Have found one cautionary note to be careful around LCD that are found in many transmitters, there again watch some of the vidios on Y tube about corrosion X . You can find models and transmitters that have been sprayed and the both operated under fresh and salt water.

I will be doing some experiments on the last note over the Xmas break re LCD ? findings will be posted prior to sale of product. Have not had any problems with LCD units in calculators after teaching them to swim in Corrosion X.